May Bicycle DX

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Been out with the ‘Bicycle Mobile‘ on Blackpool promenade for the last two evenings from around 19:30 – 22:00 local time. David Roper, M0DAD has also been out using his pedestrian mobile set up from his QTH in Blyth which is 150 miles away on the east coast of the UK.Generally we had good backscatter between us and we were able to work the DX together.

Band conditions were excellent into South America, USA and Canada, both East and west coast, many South America were up to 59+30dB!Propagation last night was particularly interesting as we had superb propagation into South America and at the same time excellent propagation to the west coast of USA and Canada which is unusual to have both paths open at the same time.

Here are the stations worked (all SSB on 20m)

  • N6ORS
  • WD8CCC
  • W3HHN
  • KN2T
  • OZ1ETA
  • VE1PVH (Clansman Radio)
  • EA8EZ
  • CN8HAN
  • W5IB
  • NN2R
  • JW4PUA
  • PY2PHQ
  • NR3Q
  • PY6RT
  • PP1KV
  • PY8WW
  • CB3SH (Chile)
  • PY1FC
  • PY4JW
  • PY2KNK
  • K6YRA
  • PT7ZT
  • CE1TT
  • VP8LP
  • VE7MH
  • WA7TOF
  • PY2WE
  • VY2NX
  • N1DIQ
  • IW2CLM
  • N4PET
  • PT2CSM
  • W1GC
  • PY2CP
  • LA5ZO/MM (31°N 38°W)
  • XN1BOA
  • VA3AAA
  • K2QBV
  • N4WFU
  • CB3SH
  • CP5HK
  • CE2ATS
  • HC2RA
  • VE7GZ
  • PP1WW
  • PP1KV

Weather has changed for the worst now with strong winds, so will have to wait for a few days to get back to calm again.

Dave G4AKC

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2 thoughts on “May Bicycle DX

  1. Hello Dave,
    Thank you so much for registering me in your web site G4AKC sur «Bicycle Mobile» 20M…
    Dave good qso by bicycle
    thank you for your attention and accept my sincere greetings.

    Hassan Nacer CN8HAN
    from Morocco
    Arram office member
    IARU Liaison Morocco.

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