Bicycle Mobile Winter 2023/4

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minus 5 degrees

Many enjoyable trips out bicycle and pedestrian mobile during the last year with the solar cycle almost at its peak the higher HF bands are coming into their own.

As the temperature falls and the weather deteriorates it is essential on long trips out to deploy the right clothing, the weather on the beach/promenade area can be completely different to the weather even a short distance away from the beach.

Over the years I have discovered that the best way to combat the cold/wind conditions is to use the following clothing.

  1. Base layers (top and Bottom)
  2. Battery powered heated socks
  3. Battery powered Heated Gillet
  4. Several close fitted “over layers”
  5. Thermal Scarf
  6. Thermal coat
  7. Waterproof overcoat
  8. Salopettes
  9. Double thermal lined trousers
  10. Thin Balaclava
  11. Russian hat
  12. Heavy insulated shoes
  13. Battery powered handwarmers
  14. Thermal touchscreen gloves

Likewise the bike and the radio equipment itself needs protection from rain and the saltwater elements.

  1. Waterproof cover over the trailer to protect from rain.
  2. Waterproof Case/backpack
  3. Spray everything librally with GT-85 spray, including the front panel of the radio, and all external DC connections.
  4. Cover the antenna in a thin layer of silicon grease.
  5. Grease the bike all over regularly.
  6. Lubricate the hitch regularly.
  7. Make a detachable waterproof cover for pedestrian/backpack set ups.

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