15th October, Morning Session

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An early morning session on 40m from the promenade here in Blackpool.

Started at 06:30 UTC, the weather was calm, damp and cloudy with a few drops of rain and about 11 degrees centigrade.

Propagation numbers were poor but surprisingly quite good results on 40m long path into the Pacific area.

I used the full sized quarter wave vertical antenna on the back of the electric tricycle as it was calm.

Good to work a few RealHFmobile group members this morning including Barrie, G7UFI/M, Dean M5DR/M, Jonathan, VK7JON, Roy, VK7ROY and Alex VK2PRC who was pedestrian mobile running just 15 Watts from his Clansman radio in Sydney!

Here is this mornings list:

DM2LI/Maritime Mobile
VK2PRC/Pedestrian Mobile
VK7ROY (Second contact 5/9)
IZ4IOF/M (20M)
JA2SDX (20M)

40M is still the best band for early morning long path propagation into the Pacific at the moment.

Many thanks to all that called me today!

Dave, G4AKC

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2 thoughts on “15th October, Morning Session

  1. hi mate
    wow, what a great pleasure to hook up with you again, especially for me on ssb, being a cw guy.

    many congratulations on your fb set-up, and keep up the good work, your famous in this part of the world.

    73 brian zl3xdj

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