Sunset June

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Two trips out today… An early morning trip out with the bicycle mobile on both 40m and 20m from 05:30 – 09:00 UTC and a further trip out in the evening on 20m from 19:00 – 21:00 UTC.

The early morning propagation on 40m was not the best but managed Costa Rica and New Zealand… On 20m propagation was much better with openings to Australia 🇦🇺 and the Cook Islands, a feature of the propagation this morning was strong sporadic E which enabled very short skip both inter G and into near Europe with exceptionally strong signals, so many stations worked after completing the DX session.

The evening session on 20m was much better with very good propagation into South America, USA including West Coast, Canada including West Coast and St Helena island, one particularly notable contact was with a station in Brazil who was mobile and he was peaking over S9.

Thw weather was perfect for both trips and the sunset stunning in the evening…

Dave G4AKC

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