4th October, Evening Session

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A relatively short evening session using the tricycle and trailer on 20M on the promenade area in Blackpool.

I was also joined by Brian, M0OYG who was operating pedestrian mobile about 8 miles north of me, here is the view we had last night:

Brian, M0OYG pedestrian Mobile Setup

Propagation was fair on 20M, some strong signals from USA and Canada, in particular mid to west coast.

Here is this evenings DX worked:

  • K6YRA
  • W0MA
  • N1TIZ
  • KJ4RB
  • KD9IMF
  • ZS2G
  • VA3HP
  • WA1WRS
  • VY2AAA
  • K0VXU
  • KA2ABA
  • KA0HDJ
  • KM4OZH
  • VE1CMD
  • KW7Y
  • PT4BI

Thanks to everyone that called

Glad to be back on the radio after a 2 week holiday in Croatia which was radio free.

Dave, G4AKC

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