“20m Backpack to Backpack challenge” .

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It’s 14 years since I operated my original backpack in order to set up a challenge to work ssb backpack to backpack from Blackpool England to New Zealand long path on 15th November 2007 which was successful.. https://www.g4akc.co.uk/world-record/

I recently constructed a new manpack to operate more freely around the beach area https://www.g4akc.co.uk/new-hf-backpack-pedestrian-mobile/

My good friend Alex, VK2PRC http://www.qrz.com/db/vk2prc who uses the original Ex ArmyClansman PRC 320 on his backpack frame decided to attempt a similar long path 15,500 mile 20M backpack to backpack QSO on 20m ssb.

Yesterday on 18th October 2021 at 08:00 UTC we managed the SSB backpack to backpack contact between Blackpool England and Sydney Australia on the long path under poor propagation conditions.

We were both by the sea using full sized quarter wave vertical antennas, Alex was using just 30 Watts and I was using 50W from my backpack https://www.g4akc.co.uk/latest-backpack-build-september-2021/.

We are planning to repeat the QSO again when propagation is better as unfortunately there was a solar disturbance on this day which affected propagation severely, I was also plagued by rain and strong winds which were not forecast.

Alex, VK2PRC and I have had many ssb HF 20M Bicycle to Pedestrian mobile contacts previously on 20m long path but this is the first time that both of us have used backpacks at both ends of the path.

G4AKC “Backpack Mobile”
Alex, VK2PRC “Backpack Mobile

Dave G4AKC

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