Current “HF Pedestrian Mobile”

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The trolley has developed over the years and is now mounted on a modified motor driven “Powacaddy” golf cart which has been flat bedded to carry the radio trolley, this makes it easier to operate on the move (is a bit like taking the dog for a walk) as its a single button operation to move forward with a small potentiometer speed control to adjust the forward speed, releasing the single button deploys automatic braking, so its safe to use, its maximum speed is around 5 MPH walking speed.

Pedestrian Mobile in Blackpool

The pedestrian mobile trolley is engineered in a similar way to the bicycle mobile and now has a modified KL500 linear amplifier,the amplifier is powered from an additional 50Ah deep cycle gel battery mounted on the bottom of the trolley. The amplifier is adjustable to power levels continually adjustable down to 10mW on low power to a maximum of 250 Watts on high power, however the battery life is limited when running maximum power output so I usually run it at 100 Watts maximum output power this provides me with around 3 hours use with the amplifier switched on, but I can increase the power if needed.

Trolley on the Promenade in Blackpool
Waterproof Cover in Place
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