Early Morning June

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An early morning “Bicycle Mobile” session on 20M ssb starting at 04:50 UTC until 06:50 UTC .

The weather was dry and the temperature around 13 degrees centigrade, so ideal for a trip out on the promenade here in Blackpool.

Propagation was particularly good into Hawaii, west coast USA, Canada and Alaska, with several stations worked in those areas whilst out.

Stations worked this morning:

  • KH6YY
  • K2RD (west coast USA)
  • KU7T
  • W7UJ
  • UT5RQ
  • KW7Y
  • WA6QDQ/KH6
  • KL7HRN
  • K6MYC
  • W7WLL
  • AL7KC
  • VE7UHS
  • VK3TXB/W7
Dave, G4AKC/Bicycle Mobile

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