Morning Session, 25th October

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A Friday morning trip out with the bike on 40 and 20M SSB at around 06:45 UTC using the full sized 33ft long quarter wave vertical antenna.Initially it looked as if 40M long path propagation was going to be good as I joined the massive pile up on YJ0CA in Vanuatu Island in the Southern Pacific and managed to work him after a couple of calls, however after that the long path propagation seemed poor as I made a difficult QSO with Jonathan Clayman, VK7JON after that and decided to switch to 20M which apart from a couple of North African contacts was also very poor to the Pacific area long path.

What I didn’t realise was that long path propagation opened very late on 40M and I missed a good opening from around 07:45 UTC to 08:30 UTC!

David Roper, M0DAD who was operating pedestrian mobile on 40M at the same time remained on that band and managed several VK and ZL contacts, so well done David!
Dave, G4AKC

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