Morning Bicycle Mobile session November

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Bicycle Mobile along Blackpool Promenade walk

Another trip out with the Tricycle Mobile and trailer this morning, with intention to go on 40m, however long path propagation on 20m into the Pacific was good and so several RealHFmobile Facebook group members worked this morning with good signals whilst on the move along the promenade…

My signals on 40M as heard by Robert VK7VZ/P
VK7VZ/P as heard on my Bicycle Mobile on 40M
  • VK2PRC/Pedestrian mobile
  • VK7VZ /Portable
  • EI8KJ/P/EA5/Pedestrian mobile
  • MODAD/Pedestrian Mobile
  • JH1OLB
  • JS1KSU/Mobile
  • VK3PT/Mobile
  • VK3XXY
  • VK7ROY
  • VK7RG
  • VK6GC/Mobile
  • ZD7FT
  • VK2UXO

Thanks to all that called into the group on 14.195 Mhz

Dave G4AKC

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