Solar Powered HF pedestrian Mobile

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A few years ago I decided to set a challenge for myself, to construct a “totally solar powered pedestrian mobile trolley” That mean that there are NO BATTERIES powering the radio, just the solar panels powering the little Mizuho MX-14S two Watt hand-held 20M SSB radio using a double solar panel feeding a small voltage regulator, producing 12V at up to one Amp (with full sun) buffered by a one Farad electrolytic capacitor to buffer the voltage for variations in sun intensity and hence Voltage/current available.

This system worked very well and I had many contacts with it when it was sunny (not very often in the UK) and I was able to make a contact with New Zealand on SSB John, ZL2JBR back in 2005 when propagation was perfect on morning.

Solar Powered Trolley
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