10th September 2019, Evening Operations.

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Out for an early session at around 17:00 UTC (18:00 UK time) with the “Bicycle Mobile”

A very breezy evening on the promenade with gusts of up to 25 MPH, so the antenna was bending a little and was only semi vertical today! however it was dry, so able to operate from several different locations along the promenade here in Blackpool.

Many thanks to David, M0DAD for the webcluster posts tonight.

Band conditions were maybe a little better than yesterday on 20M with plenty of callers throughout the evening, I finished the session a little earlier as the wind was geting even more blustry.

Here is the DX worked, so thank you to all the callers tonight:

  • VA3AAA
  • VA2PW
  • NX2O
  • EA8CYU
  • PR7CPK
  • N3U
  • K4RCW
  • K1BQT
  • W1RUO
  • WG0U
  • K8LES
  • K1WN
  • N4TN
  • N0IJ
  • WA1JSE
  • KE8ARL
  • KC1MR
  • KN2T
  • K1MAA
  • WA3SRU
  • WX3U
  • N8LWX
  • K8NYM
  • ZD8SC
  • 7X3WPL
  • K1EKF
  • N2ING
  • W2XK
  • IZ5DQI
  • W4GYY/Mobile
  • VE3ERA/Mobile
  • VA3KOF
  • N8YN
  • W9TLW
  • N5FUE/Portable
  • AK7AL
  • W8DWH
  • K2QBV
Starting the session


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