9th September, Evening BM Operations.

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Set off onto the promenade with my “bike and trailer” here in Blackpool just before 19:00 local time and the weather was calm, sunny and dry with a slight breeze from the north, temperature around 15 degrees Centigrade (60 degrees Farenheit).

Start of session

The system is bluetooth connected when I am on the move and I spent some of the session operating on the move, however it did start to get a little chilly after the sun went down.

Operation was only on 20M ssb for the whole session, which lasted until around 21:00 local UK time.

Many thanks to David, M0DAD for the webcluster posts as generally the propagation wasn’t at its best; there was a mix of very short skip which may have been ‘Sporadic E’ as I was hearing UK stations who were very strong as well as the DX.

Propagation into South America picked up towards the end of the session and several stations from that area were exceptionally strong!

Here is this evenings DX worked:

  • ZS6TIM
  • PR7CPK
  • PY2PHQ
  • K5RQ
  • 9A8BM
  • VE9FI
  • PY5ZBU
  • MM3AWA
  • KN2T
  • W4DD
  • PY4BT
  • IZ5OQO
  • LA3VJA
  • IK6ZRX
  • LU5FP
  • PT7ZE
  • F5VHZ
  • VA3IR
  • EA7CUL
  • KB1W
  • WB3KLE
  • WN3T
  • K2QBV
  • AC9ED
  • KD1RV
  • ZD7DL
  • PY6ZIM/Portable
  • PY5IQ
  • PE1OAD/MM (Tenerife)
  • PZ1EL
On my way home at the end of a good session

73’s .. Dave, G4AKC

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