16th September 2019, Evening Bicycle Session.

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After a good morning session on 40M, I decided to go for an early evening session on 20M whilst the weather was good at around 17:00 UTC


Good propagation into South Africa tonight and also some sporadic E as I was hearing some UK stations very strong as well as very close European stations as well as the DX.

Here is the DX worked:

  • ZS1VK
  • F5FCH
  • CT1HFQ
  • PR7CPK
  • ZS6TIM
  • 7X2BK
  • CT2KNA
  • K1MR
  • 9H1WE
  • KE9L
  • F5RDC
  • VA1DDB
  • ZS1OPB
  • AC2QH
  • EA2ELS
  • VE9FI
  • CT2IQK
  • VY2JC
  • K1FFJ
  • 9H1JQ
  • N8ROD
  • K2SDS
  • 2E0VLU
  • CT1EDA
  • 8P6GU
  • KE9L

Thanks to everyone who called tonight.

Dave G4AKC

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