The New All Electric Tricycle

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The New All Electric Tricycle

As I mentioned my original bike was a 16 speed pedal bicycle, but due to the fact that I kept falling off it with the heavy trailer weighing in at around 200 pounds in weight I have now changed to a fully electric 3 wheel scooter that has been adapted to pull the trailer.

The new bicycle consists of a totally autonomous HF station housed in the trailer whilst being towed by the electric tricycle:

The radio is a modified Alinco DX-70TH with an improved front end and variable power from 10mW up to 100 Watts, most of the time the radio is set to 5 Watts and is on its own separate DC battery supply of a single 22Ah gel battery.

The output of the radio is fed into a modified RM KL-500 linear amplifier which again is on its own battery supply consisting of a single 50Ah deep cycle gel battery, this is normally set to give an output of 100 Watts, but capable of 250 Watts when needed.

The output of the amplifier is fed into a small impedance matching unit and into a resonant full sized quarter wave vertical, which is a modified MFJ 1979 stainless steel telescopic vertical, which is 17 feet long and is adjustable in length to provide resonance as a full sized quarter wave vertical on all the HF bands from 20M through to 10M.

On 40M and 80M I use a base loading coil to achieve resonance but have the option to use a 33 foot vertical on the tricycle when the wind is calm which does not require any loading on 40M.

33ft 40M Antenna on the bike

Anyone who would like more information about bicycle or pedestrian mobile, please send me an e-mail, I am more than happy to pass on some of my experiences, both good and bad!

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2 thoughts on “The New All Electric Tricycle

  1. I also have an Alinco DX-70TH which I would like to use for Pedestrian Mobile, similar to yourself, and would like to know what mods you made to get the power variable from 10mW to 100W.


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