About The Original Bike

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The original bike was an inexpensive 16 speed mountain bike, but with the heavy trailer being pulled behind the bike I rarely get out of 2nd gear!

The set up had continually variable power output from 10 mW to 50 Watts when using just the bike, or up to 250 Watts when pulling the trailer behind the bike.

The radio was a handlebar mounted Alinco DX70-TH in a zipped waterproof cover powered by two pairs of selectable 7Ah 12 Volt gel batteries, which give a total of about 4 hours of use at 50W output, two of the batteries were mounted on the rear pannier and the other two batteries mounted under the cross bar.

Original Bike On The Sea Front

I was able to operate on all HF bands “Pedal Bicycle Mobile” whilst on the move, and operate very close to the sea near to where I live.

The antenna’s were home designed / home made “HI Q” mono-band top loaded verticals which were 3.5 Metres long, and have a dedicated 75mm diameter air spaced coil.

When feeling energetic I use a small trailer, which can be seen in the picture above (which is very difficult to pedal up the hills!) as it weighs 100Kg, as the on board batteries are very heavy.

The trailer contains two 12 Volt / 40Ah gel cells in parallel powering a modified solid state Italian “RM KL500 Linear Amplifier” which can run up to 250 Watts output, but I generally ran it at about 100 Watts to conserve battery power, this gives about 4 to 5 hours operational use.

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