Late afternoon on 20M, 28th Oct

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Another trip out on the bicycle from 16:00 to 17:00 UTC, operating tricycle mobile on 20M SSB.

The weather was very chilly but dry and sunny.

Propagation numbers were very poor, and there was also some solar storming, so propagation was very patchy, however several signal reports from USA and particularly South Africa told me that I was the only station that could be heard from Europe!

Here is the short list of stations worked :

  • NA3P
  • KE9JX
  • K2TRD
  • N8YN
  • GW1CJJ
  • KC1GTK
  • G0KEN
  • KB1LV
  • EA4FRC
  • K2QBV
  • KW7Y
  • W1YID
  • ZS1OPB
  • ZS1AN
  • PR7CPK
  • K6UA

Thanks to all the stations that called tonight.

Dave, G4AKC

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