Maypole 7423A Battery Charger Auto 4A 12V

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Maypole 7423A Battery Charger Auto Electronic 4A 12V




  • LCD Status Display
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Excellent Value
  • Well Made


  • Short Output Cable

Large lead acid gel batteries are expensive and it very important they are charged correctly and not overcharged which will dramatically shorten their life.

This 4A charger is suitable for charging all lead acid gel batteries up to 50Ah and I personally use it to charge my smaller 22Ah battery which power the radio on my pedestrian trolley.

It is a true smart charger and on a fully discharged battery it charges at 4 Amps and reduces the charging current in several steps so you don’t overcharge and damage the battery. It is fully automatic, meaning it will diagnose, recover, charge and maintain batteries for months, I leave the charger connected permanently and on a fully charged battery it charges at just a few milliamps to maintain charge.

In addition, this battery charger offers overheat protection, protection against short circuit and reverse polarity connection.

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Charger installed at home
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