Yuasa 50Ah Deep Cycle Battery

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Yuasa Battery, Deep Cycle, Vrla 12V 50AH




  • Good for high current drain
  • Well constructed
  • High Capacity


  • Very Heavy
  • Expensive

I have used several different types of battery on both my bike trailer powering the amplifier and also my pedestrian trolley amplifier.

Its essential to have a “deep cycle” battery on the set ups that I use as the current demand is high and therefore the battery voltage often runs down after a long trip out with the bike or pedestrian systems, and non deep cycle batteries do not recover well from regular full discharge cycles.

Although the Yuasa battery is more expensive than alternative deep cycle batteries, this battery provides a very stable voltage for a much longer period than alternative ones that I have tried.

Fitted to the Bicycle Trailer

Whats more this particular battery gives a much longer life than alternatives that haven’t lasted for more than a year , whereas this battery even with prolonged charge and discharge cycles has proved to last for many years without losing much of its original performance.

The battery weighs considerably more than some of the cheaper alternatives and although this adds to the weight of the system, it is obviously of a better made standard.

Its important that the battery is charged with a smart charger that does not overcharge the battery to prolong the maximum lifetime.

In summary, a good quality battery that hasn’t let me down.

Showing battery top terminal connection type

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