7th September 2019, Evening Mobile

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Will be operating as G4AKC “Bicycle Mobile” on 20M between 17:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC tonight (Saturday) on 20M ssb on or around 14.195 MHz, I will also be on with Brian, M0OYG who will be about 8 miles north of me operating Pedestrian Mobile.

Looking to get posted on the webcluster for live operational frequencies.

Went out at around 17:00 UTC until 19:40 UTC and although propagation numbers were not good there were many strong stations from USA, Canada, South America and South Africa.

Thanks to all that called tonight ….

Propagations Predictions

Great to have group member Brian, M0OYG on frequency and he was operating “Pedestrian Mobile” around 8 miles north of me.

Also good to be joined by group member Mike, M0XMX from the Great Orme who also worked a little of the DX with us.

Here is tonights DX list (mainly on 14.195 MHz)

  • K6JL
  • HA3NU
  • M0OYG/PM
  • VE6SV
  • VE3WPZ/QRP 8 Watts
  • KB8KMH
  • M6OXO/P
  • IT9PQO
  • WC8VOA
  • ZS1OPB
  • W1NA
  • WV2Z
  • N1TIZ
  • VA6THC
  • ZS1AS
  • VE6KDX
  • WB3HDJ
  • AE7KI
  • W9UE
  • PY1DV
  • EA1EOK
  • VY2DA
  • KN2T
  • 8P6GU
  • M0XMX/P
  • K8FF
  • ZS6TIM
  • N8XA/150
  • W2BRM
  • EA8BWW
  • CX8TC
  • KN4IRM
  • PY1FI
  • CE3YG
  • PP1WW

A really enjoyable night, however I need to remember to put more layers on next time as it got a bit chilly towards the end of the session.

Dave, G4AKC/Bicycle Mobile

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