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Earlier in 2020 I completed a new mobile project dedicated to 40, 80 and 160M DX operatons by the sea here in Blackpool. The core radio system is my removable mini holiday trolley, which consisits of a modified Alinco DX-70TH powered by a 38Ah battery.

The vehicle is a “Shoprider” mobility vehicle which has a top speed of around 4MPH, it is ideal for the application that I am using it for as the vehicle is very heavy and therefore very stable for deploying the large 10M long fishing pole to support the antenna even in windy conditions.

I have removed the original seat and fitted heavy duty boards to mount the new aerial tuning unit onto, also I have added significant cross bracing to the main chassis of the vehicle to further support the antenna mast and on testing today in a 30MPH wind it was very stable.

I have also added an automatic washing line retractor to the vehicle, the washing line has been replaced by 33ft of silicon sheathed copper wire and works very well when raising and lowering the 33ft fibreglass pole in keeping the wire under a nice bit of tension and also winding the wire back automatically on lowering the fibreglass pole.

Since completing the project onto which I finally mounted all the equipment on the mobility scooter as a true mobile unit, I have passed on the scooter to Rob, 2E0AOO who is using the set up on a regular basis.. See the finished item here……

Dave, G4AKC

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